reading mail Here is some stuff that my penpals sent me. They agreed to putting it here so that everyone can read it. Thanks to all! 
(Last updated October 5th, 2006)

Some furry fanart picture
drawn by Viole.

a short story by Sevian. Yet without pictures.

My First Friend
a short story by Jose. Yet without pictures. Also in Spanish.

Fabian and Niklas
drawn by Junichi.

A sketch of Niklas
drawn by Tiya.

Issue Boulevard Index Page
Pages made by Oreo, a young Canadian. He made them a few years ago when he was 14-15.
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
Issue #6
and Your Issues
Issue #7

A nice picture of Jason and Niklas
drawn by Torsten.

What does Jahv keep in his backpack?
A picture made by March about his alien hero.

The real Next Generation
The Star Trek spinoff we'd like to see, by March.

What you'll never get to see on Niklas' website
An illustration made by C.K.

Forever in my Heart
An illustrated song by Davy