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That's right guys.  Issue Boulevard's very own help column.
Here's how it works:

You send me an e-mail with a problem you have or maybe a solution to a problem that you have so that you may help others.  If you don't want a certain problem to be displayed, please say so.  If you have a solution that you would like me to post please specify if you would like credit and how (name, nickname, website address, e-mail address, etc...)
Remember that I may not be able to go through every single e-mail I get because I'm very busy, but i'll try.

This is a section for issues that are more specific--things that don't really seem to fit in an actual issue.  If you end up sending me something I or you feel is general enough to be applied to everyone, I may very well base an ariticle on it for an upcoming issue.

I feel that this will be a very interesting section, and might even get more frequent updates than the issues themselves!  We have yet to see what this new addition to Issue Boulevard has in store for us, but I bet it's going to be a popular section!

Please note the following:  The opinions given as advise to the one who requests it (you), should not be viewed as the ultimate and only solution to the problem, but taken as a suggestion in what is thought by the responder (me) to be a step in the right direction.

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