The long awaited issue 5 is here!  Sorry it took so long, but I was just so busy with school, which is *finally* over, and couldn’t find time to work on my site!
Gay couples are better than straight couples because…
  • They don't have to spend as much money --you only need mugs and towels labeled his.
  • No Periods (PMS)!
  • When you go clothes shopping, you don't have to worry about beeing seen in the lingeré section.
  • There are no battles about toilet seat being left up!
  • We don't get sent out to buy feminine care products.
  • It's easy to find a topless beach!
Not funny enough for you?
Oh Well.
You have this friend that you like and you trust him with anything.  You'd tell him that you're gay, and if he said he was too, you might just ask him out.....well, not really.

Why?  Because of those cancerous sticks of tobacco wrapped up in paper that's why!  Smoking has never been considered attractive after scientists discovered how it affects us.  Did you know that every 8 seconds another smoker dies?  Sickening, isn't it?  I could go into all of the "wonderful" things cigarettes, cigars, and pipes can do for you, but I'll leave the internet browsing to you.  One thing I will say though, there is no smoking device that is healthier to use.  They are all terrible.

A message to all of you young non-smokers out there:  Don't you dare start!  You will be addicted and won't be able to stop.  People who start it, say that it calms their nerves.  Later on it gives them a series of problems.  They become adicted and dependant.  You'll have constant cravings, and if you obey them, they will only get worse.  Do not, I repeat, do NOT take up smoking!  Everyone who does it regrets or will regret it.  Plus, it really hurts to know that a friend or family member smokes.  It's not cool, it's stupid.  Take a look at the Effects of Niccotine.

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