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Here's My Opinion---What about yours?

About 'Gay Pride' Parades:

Uh-oh! your gay, so what? Well, there is somethingdifferent but, you're a person too right? Right.
To be proud to be gay, is like being proud to be straight, or being proud to be human.
Tell me the last time you've seen a straight pride parade or something of the sort.
People should just go with it, let it fit in, not organize parades, or ads, with or against it.
Not to get a headline "Gay saves dog from fatel drop"
but as a normal, maybe not regular, but a normal thing in the media.
It doesn't have to be kissy kissy, just the facts.

What do you think?

A more serious section that tells of significant life experiances.
Experiance Pearls: How does it feel to be in love?

That’s a tuffy. Well, it's like this:
You see boys everyday. Some are cuter than others.
And you can consider them cute, but then you move on.
Sometimes you will see this really cute guy on TV, and think, “Boy would I ever like to
get him in bed with me!” This is not love, this is just you being sexually active.
(See: My Favorite Fairytale)
But let's say one day you're in school and all of a sudden you see this boy.
Not just any boy--I mean he used to be just some boy,
but now he has a strange effect on you. It makes you feel funny
to look at, or think of him, and maybe also kinda dazed. For some it might be a tickly feeling
(especially in yor fingers) others may feel as if they're floating,
or you might just get both. You start having loving, caring thoughts about the person.
Wanting to do nice things for him, maybe just to get a smile on his face.
You might have dreams about that person. Beautiful dreams, where
a walk on the beach, a day at the carnival, or something romantic and uplifting.
Your heart might beat faster when you think about him.
You hardly think of sex because you’re focusing on love.
Days go by and you come home from school, filled with thoughts of him,
the way his face looks at a certain angle, how his hair is done, how it feels,
an expression on his face, how good it will feel to be in eachother's arms,
that urge for tomorrow just so you can see him again and also to see the
colour of his eyes. Yearning to kiss, or at least hug him, to be in eachothers arms,
to be able to look into eachothers eyes, To tell him he's awesome
To finally confess your love, and see how it turns out, hoping that he will accept.
That’s another thing. You will be laying in bed one night filled with warm loving
thoughts and suddenly you'll flip into, “what if he doesn't like me?”, “what if he
goes ahead and tells everyone?--Then no one will ever go near me!”
(See: How to become a rockstar) this is normal.
Just hope that he will. Get to be his friend first, then keep hinting. When you're close
enough as friends then you tell him your long contained secret. Be sure to be sincere,
look into his eyes. And if he accepts it will be the best fealing in the world-
you will be happy beyond words. If not, you're heart will be broken...
..until you either get over it, or fall in love again.
 Here are some daily struggles we boys have to go through.


You want to have a snack, so you ask your parents. They say “You'll spoil your dinner.”

But that is so untrue! When you come back, the food's fine!


Nags - They are so steriotypical:

So, when are you getting a girlfriend?

Who do you like in your class?

I think you should go out with her.

Why don't you ask her out?

How come you don't want to be her boyfriend?

Bet you wish you could just scream

“You know why? I’m gay! Leave me alone!”

But, like everyone else you just sit there and take the nags. What can you do?


~~~~About me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>>I’m a thirteen year old boy who lives in Canada. (The page isn’t too bad for a kid my age huh?) Yes. I’m gay. Sometimes when I chat, people ask me how I know even though I’ve never “been” with another boy. Well, the answer is simple. In Experiance Pearls, I told you about how it feels to be in love. How could I have known all of those details if I hadn’t experianced it myself? The answer is, I couldn't. Not only have I expericaned falling in love, but it's also for a particular boy in my school. It’s the Jason/Jonathon situation (See: How to become a rockstar.) I titled my page “Issue Boulevard” because it deals with different issues. Why boulevard? Well it isn’t a book, it’s a web page. It goes vertically, kinda like a street does. Thus the name Issue Blvd. I wasn’t brought up any differently than other boys, and I didn't choose to be gay. When I was a kid, I always thought I’d get married to a woman someday. Then I get hit with all this! It was kind of a shock, but at the same time kinda cool. I’ve learned to accept myself as gay, but haven’t yet told anyone. That’s okay with me. If I tell anyone, it will be the boy I have a crush on :) . Don’t hesitate to send me some mail if u have anything to ask about being gay, being a male teen/pre-teen, having sisters and other pets living in your house hehe, or just about anything. I hate, and I mean hate to brag, but just because people have been telling me that I’m well beyond my years. So even if you’re 16 and wanna talk or ask about something, don’t think I won't be able to answer you. You might be surprised at the answer. Nice talking to you. Maybe you’ll have something to say.
Don't be afraid to send me some mail. <<



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