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Feb-Mar 2001



Yes, there's snow.

     So It's a bit late, as if you care. No one is e-mailing me anyway. I got a total of 1 person (other than those whom I speak to regularly) responding to Issue 6. That's rediculous. I still don't have anything for the Your Issues section. It shouldn't matter if this issue it late anyway. I know March is really soon, but I designed the snow art way before this, so deal with it ;) . Even so, I'm sure it's enjoyable. At least I didn't make the background red and the title blue, like I was going to initally. The good news about this snow is that it isn't cold, you don't have to shovel it, and it doesn't acumulate in the areas that it's in. It just kind of stays there as harmless art. I hope to get lots of e-mail. Remember you can include requests, comments, suggestions, questions about why I'm typing this with my eyes closed ó I'm tired! See you guys later! Enjoy Issue Seven!

     You see this guy - anywhere: at school, the library, the bus, work, wherever - and you kinda like him for whatever reason. One hugely important chunk of advice anyone can give you is ďDonít go crazy over him!Ē Thatís right. Donít LET yourself fall in LOVE with him. Donít give into love at first sight. It will only make you go nuts.

     Observing him first for a little while is a good idea. If youíre the more adventurous type, you can introduce yourself, but remember to have a reason why! Look for a topic of common interest (between the general public, or yourselves). Be open minded about any topic that comes up. Remember why youíre doing this, too: To find out if heís available to you or not. If you plan on falling head over heals for him without checking first, prepare yourself for disappointment, and sorrow. Every time someone does that, they end up regretting that they ever saw the person. Donít even start looking for potential. Look for qualities youíd look for in a friend. That will make communicating a whole lot easier. Instead of getting all nervous to be perfect for him, youíll be relaxed and natural.

     News Flash: No one is perfect and you shouldnít expect yourself to be either. You CAN make mistakes. If you find that they donít seem to be right for you - even as a friend, then donít put all the time and energy into it because it just isnít worth it. Theyíll find their own, and youíll find yours.

     Iím going to reiterate the purpose of this article, because it will save you so many tears: Make sure he is available before allowing yourself to fall in love. Admiration is one thing, but donít let it grow unless youíre sure it should. You have control over your feelings, not him.

     So youíre chatting with a guy that happens to be within your reach, and you seem to be getting along fine.  You might even have a few things in common.  Then start talking about sexual orientation.  Well, if you're gay and he says that he's gay too, then that's great.  Then there are those who are bi (bisexual), which aren't ideal, but hey, they still like guys and you (usually) have just as much of a chance as you would if they were gay.

Even though labels arenít the best way of doing things, they make things easier to explain. For arguement's sake, I have catgorized Bi people into five basic groups: 

Bisexual and likes each gender equally - I would only recommend going out with this type of person if you are pretty secure about yourself, and don't mind him talking about girls now and then.

Bisexual and likes girls a bit more  - I do not recommend going out with this type because they might only be looking for some fun in bed with no intentions of a serious relationship.

Bisexual but likes guys more - This is the most recommended "breed" of bi guy to go out with.  Although they still may be able to be attracted to girls, for the time they go out with you, they'll probably be all yours.

Bisexual insecure  - These guys have to become comfortable with their sexuality, as they are most probably gay, but are afraid to fully admit it to themselves, so they call themselves Bi to seem more "normal".

Bi/curious - Here is the flashing stop sign!!!  Do NOT think you're going to get any kind of serious relationship out of this type because they're really only curious and don't want any more than a little experience, that is, if they're not too afraid to try.

The positive side to each of these types is that they won't be part of the group that discriminates against gay people, unless they're really angry and confused with themselves.  Remember that people don't fit molds - it means that these everything in these descriptions will be true for everyone.  That's why they're only basic categories.

Here's a poem by a friend of mine. He sent it into me hoping that i'd post it in the next issue. Well Drew, u got your wish! 
The Wise, Yet Dangerous Teacher
By Drew

The mysteries of this world amaze me,
Love of which is the greatest,
From Love comes the greatest teacher of humans,
So wise, yet so dangerous.

The wisdom of Love is unsurpassed,
It teaches us many great things,
Through it remarkable things emerge,
So wise, yet so dangerous.

Love carries with it an immense power,
Extraordinary danger is fashioned within,
With the ability to create or destroy,
So wise, yet so dangerous.

Creation and destruction, the life-blood of Love,
Creation of an intense emotion,
Destruction through the shatter of a heart,
So wise, yet so dangerous.

Love keeps itself veiled always,
But to those few, the totality is shown,
Many creations occur, few destructions arise,
So wise, yet so dangerous.

Trust in Love, now and ever,
Its wisdom will guide you,
Its danger will strengthen you,
So wise, yet so dangerous.



Here's a poem by me:
The Goal 
By Oreo

I tried so hard to reach this goal
For many years, it was all I could think of
Each step I took brought me closer
Each goal I reached was an illusion
and broke me
But I didnít die, I grew stronger
Now, Iíve reached my highest goal yet
and it, too, has broken me
I wonder if I could fix it
but the possibility seems too slim
It floats away off of my fingertips,
furthering its distance.

I suppose I'll just console myself in dessert.



Now it's time for readersí feedback! Tell me what you think about the poems posted here. What are your interpretations? 


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