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Nov. 2000


New Look, New features, Same Writer, Same Care.

   I know I know!  Issue 6 took FOREVER to get online!  Itís my fault, Iím sorry!
Eternity aside, what do you think of the new look?  Is it better?  Worse?  Iíd like to know!

 After I finished issue 5 (not the special), I took a look at it, and I was thinking to myself, ďThis design sucks.Ē  It really did.  I mean come on.  The yellow kinda blazed in your face, and the Aqua style buttons at the bottom really looked out of place.  I had the same basic design concept for three years already.  (Yeah, itís been that long.)  I knew I could do better.
So here we are at issue 6.  You wouldnít believe how many times I changed the look of the title art before I was happy with it.  I also had to perfect this one when it was finished.

I've added a new section called Your Issues.  It's more or less a type of help column.  Take a look at it to see what it's all about.

The Index page is another story altogether.  Of course, it follows the new design concept, and it LOOKS simple, but youíd be surprized at how much thought and tweaking has to go into every move you make with it.

Another new feature is the side bar.  Many sites have them and they're very useful, so I decided to make one for my site.  I think you'll find that this makes navigating Issue Boulevard a lot quicker and easier.  In case you don't know the I stands for issue and the number is the issue number.  (I1=Issue 1, I2=Issue 2, etc..)  There is also Y which stands for Your Issues.  There may very well be some more features and sections added to the site, so stay tuned for more! 

Iím finally done!  I hope you like it!  (You'd better!  Hehe.)

Note:  Not all new features will be available immediately because I'm still working on and perfecting them.  I do it all for you!!!

It's all about standing up for what you believe in.  If something someone says doesn't sound right to you, you pick yourself up and voice your opinion!..........right?....right??....Why not?  Oh because it's about being gay!  That's perfectly fine then, just let them continue the derogatory rumour spreading...

        Okay, so we have a little situation here.  That's fine.  If you feel comfortable about it, please do voice your opinion.  The easiest ones to defeat are the stereotypes (Mentioned in Issue 2).  They're also the ones that take the least bit of courage.  All you have to do is say "I don't think it's fair that you stereotype a group of people like that."  If they say anything like "Yeah, I bet you're gay!", just tell them that you would have said that for any group of people if you don't want them to know that you are.  If they get any worse, then you can just say something like "How would you feel if (their race, culture, etc) was stereotyped and insulted?"  That was very basic.

    The next incorrect statement would be declaring that gay people are gay by choice.  We aren't, and you know it.  That kind of statement can be treated the same way as the first one, only including "It's not their/our decision" in your come back.
It gets a little tougher when they throw religion onto the scene.  Some people truly believe that it's a sin to act upon gay feelings.  This command from the same Gød that says "LIVE by these commandments".  Well we can't really carry on normal lives if we don't include love and sex.  It just wouldn't be the same.  I think there are flaws here and there in religion and they have to be either interpreted in different ways, or sometimes disregarded.  There are very religious gay people in the world.  I know that for a fact.  Search "Orthodox" and "Gay" and Iím sure you'll come up with results.

You really have to be a good thinker, or just know what to say when people talk about religion not liking gay people.  You can argue that Gød made gay people too, and you can argue that it isn't natural, and you don't feel comfortable to go against your sexual orientation which Gød determined FOR you.  (Or that you're uncomfortable with any sort of discrimination against any group of people and you think it's wrong.)  You can also say that we have religion so that we have some direction to lead our lives as far as spirituality and our relationship with Gød goes.  We have minds of our own so that we may be ourselves and not depend on instinct like animals.  If they still stand by their beliefs, that's their problem, not yours.  And guess what, it was their problem in the first place!

   You know what?  I've come to yet another realization.  Sure the stereotyped gay person puts a predefined image in people's heads about us, but it's people who spread lies and do not wish to understand and emphasize that give us a bad name.  I know it sounds like I'm pointing fingers, but really, all I'm saying is that if we take the time to listen to and perhaps understand one another, there would be less confusion, less fights, and possibly more peace in the world.



Iím not a hairdresser or a makeup artist
And I donít wear an earing.
I donít go out to bars or wear leather just for fun.
Iíve never met, Ellen, K.D. Lang, Donté, or Elton,
But Iím sure theyíre really nice.

I have rights,
Not optional allowances.
I will talk to both guys and girls about their personal problems.
I can proudly be sensitive to other guysí feelings.
I believe in acceptance,
Not discrimination.
Youíre someoneís boyfriend
You arenít ďgay with themĒ
And that feminine looks arenít really for the majority of us.
A faggot is a bundle of sticks.
Being gay is not a choice.
Be true to yourself, and you will find true happiness.

Gay people represent 10% of the active population,
We are the only people that can understand the gender of our significant others,
And the most interesting orientation in the world!
My name is Oreo,
And I am Gay!

(Adapted from I AM CANADIAN



In case you didn't figure it out, I'm 15 now.


This is simply a place where you get to vote on stuff.  Anything at all.  Just take a look at the topic, and submit your vote on the voting page.  Results will be displayed on the Voting Booth page.

Allow me to mention and be thankful for the fact that I'm Canadian so that I don't have to worry about the garbage going on in America, as well as not getting stuff written to me about how I should vote for this one or that one or the one who no one talks about and likes to hide in his attic and invent new ways in which we can write the letter Q.  I don't even want to know!

ANYWAY our poll for this issue is
Do you like the new look?
You may cast your votes here.

It's here!  It's done!  I can't believe it either!
Can't wait to get your e-mails!

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