Niklas and Friends
Fabian likes me!
Last updated May 2005

Return mail - last modified December 2004

Some cartoons and writings that my penpals did.
The latest things are short stories by Sevian and Jose and fan pictures by Junichi and Tiya.
Some pages are made by the Canadian Oreo. He wrote this stuff when he was 14-15 years old. He's a grown up now and you can still mail him at

The Niklas message board / guest book

New! Operated by Jonathan.
Hope it will be nice.

Young readers, please listen! Keep in mind some safety rules when you want to contact other Niklas and Friends fans. There is no guarantee that you'll find somebody nice and of your age. Best not to give out personal information, like your real name.
Same with the chat room:

The Niklas chat room - Java based chat

Meet Niklas fans!
The chatroom doesn't work with older browser versions like Netscape 4.x.
Since some people departed from the original chat saying that chatroom was dead, they made up another chatroom. You can enter the alternative chatroom here.

Simon's & Matthew's Niklas mirror site - last modified Feb 2000

Simon, a young man from Italy, made up this Niklas and Friends fansite when he was a teenager.

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