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Last updated October 2006
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My Friend is an Alien

My Friend is an Alien - by March (October 2006)

A science-fiction spinoff. New chapter 14: To The Laundromat And Beyond, fully illustrated!

No Dinner Tonight

No Dinner Tonight - by Jonathan (June 2005)

How the dinner vanished from the refrigerator and how they got it back.


Bunkbeds - by Niklas (October 2004)

Jason and Sniv home alone...


Homesick - by Niklas (July 2003)

Fabian spends a week at a summer camp.
Split up into two parts because of the length.

The Great Pie-Eating-Contest

The Great Pie-Eating-Contest - by Jonathan (May 2002)

Jonathon needs more pocket money. So he plans to win a pie-eating-contest.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story - by Onslow (December 2000)

Martin believes in Santa Claus and that any wish could come true if you just know how to tell it right.

The Dogshow

The Dogshow - by Jonathan (November 1999)

A short look on Martin and his dog.

Jonathon the Hero

Jonathon the Hero - by Onslow (March 1999)

Jonathon stumbles into a group of people in historic costumes.

The Shortcut

The Shortcut - by Onslow (August 1998)

Keith is always late when he has to go home. He wouldn't make it in time if there wasn't a certain shortcut...

Niklas and the Grumpy Old Man

Niklas and the Grumpy Old Man - by Onslow (May 2000)

An old man moves into the house next to Niklas'. He seems to have a secret.
Four chapters but still unfinished.


Stories without the Niklas and Friends characters:


Daniel - by Niklas (September 2001)

Autobiographical story. Since I don't want to mix it up with the cartoons, I called myself Marcus in this story. Everything is true.

Progress Park

Progress Park - by Orlando (April 2000)

About a black kid and a poor Mexican boy.

The greatest American Hero

The greatest American Hero - by "ticklish" David (April 1999)

A story from the childhood of a ticklish man named David.

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