Zac Ceall  
Age 12
Grade 6
Favorite Stuff I love medieval stories, history and I LOVE dragons, magic and sorcerer's!
I love to read fantasy books, write stories, draw pictures. Watch Japanese cartoons on TV.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
become a film director and tell all the stories I have to tell to the whole world in hopes of brightening someones day and making people think.
E-mail or
My family is made up of my three younger sisters and my mum and dad. I love my sisters but they usually can get pretty annoying when I'm trying to work! And my parents are real nice but always they put me through a lot of discipline and still do.
I've always been very far out and loved to have fun and someone to hold close. Though I've never had the chance, to this day, of having a boy friend, I'll continue to have fun and enjoy my life even if noone wants me!!! =)
Zac Ceall

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