Timothy Peter "Tippie" Voigt  
Age 9
Grade 5
Favorite Stuff Hobby is computers and I try making electronics stuff that never works. The computer programs that I make, do. Favorite music: anything except "easy-listening"... I hate that.
What I wanna become when I grow up When I grow up I want to make electronics that work. Or become a rock star. Or the president of Europe.
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I'm Tippie. I'm 9 years old and I skipped grade 2, and now I'm one of the youngest at Glenwood.
I don't like the bigger boys in my class too much, I better like to play with my little friends in our neighborhood. I have dark brown hair that defies combing or hair-dressing whatsoever. Blue-grey eyes.
I am not "cool". I don't know how to be "cool". They say I should try to befriend my classmates. I can't because they have very boring interests. They wouldn't let me anyway because I'm not rude (don't know how to be rude). When I try to speak their language they laugh at me. My mother has given up trying to teach me how to fit in with the other guys.
Timothy P. Voigt

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