Sean Wilkins  
Age 12
Grade 6
Favorite Stuff Basketball, soccer, bowling, swimming, billiards, riding on my bike, baseball, roller-skating, food, movies, music videos, arcade games, and stargazing.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
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Hi and hugs. I am 4’3” and weigh 70 lbs. with light brown hair and green eyes. My favorite colors are blue and green. I am also shy, outgoing, moody, loyal, and caring.

I live with my mom and my sister who is two years younger than me and can be a real pain sometimes. My mom and my dad got a divorce and I hope to never see him again because he is mean to me.

I love to have lots of friends. I am not that great in school, but I make average grades to get by. I also have a crush on a certain blond hair kind in my school. Wouldn’t you like to know who it is? Hehehe. What can I say? I am a sucker for blondes.

Sean Wilkins

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