Niklas' Schoolmates

Note: There's a real person behind each character
but there's no guarantee that anything said about him here is true.
If you wanna become a schoolmate, too, I must say, I'm sorry. Since it didn't develop the way I expected,
I have decided to discontinue this stuff and prefer to draw more cartoons.

The boys at Glenwood (in alphabetical order):

5th grade   6th grade   7th grade   8th grade   Teachers

Barnabas "Barney" Drew
Zac Ceall
Joshua Gabriel Angell
Ben Miller
Mark Arnold

Craig Smith
Jason Devereux
Fabiano DeRose
Sasha Petroff
Gabriel Winter

Timothy Peter "Tippie" Voigt
Douglas D'vorchak
Rodney Jenks
Alexander Smith
Erik Mikkelsen
Bryan Straczynski
Jeremey Morrow
Sean Wilkins
Peter Phildon
Joey Smith