The boys at Glenwood
Last updated February 21, 2001
The Blackboard
News from Glenwood school
Last updated September 24, 2000

Hi penpal,
this is a place where you can take a look at my schoolmates. You know already my friends Fabian, Jason, Sniv, Jonathon and Keith - we're all on the Glenwood Private School For Boys, the best school for boys from grade 5 to 8 all around (in their own oppinion). It's rather old and actually old fashioned. It's too small to let girls go there, too, but there's a neighboring school just for girls and we share the playfield with them.

Our school

There're always girls walking behind us on our way home, whispering and giggling, and they laugh out loud when we turn around and look at them. I hate that. They never really talk to us, but I wouldn't know what to say anyway.

I never knew what the bigger boys meant when they called it "Painwood" - until I came there. Believe me, it's hard. If Jason wouldn't help me with maths I surely had to repeat a class. And you should see our principal, Dr. Agatha Gothenburg:

Our principalWe say "mummies alive!" when she comes down the corridor, but I guess she never understood it, she might think it's "Mommies' life" or something. At least once in every class she sends letters to our parents, asking if they'd allow to spank us again cause we were getting wilder and wilder. You won't believe how many parents say it's a good idea!

We got school uniforms at Glenwood. When you saw my album page, you'll know that we aren't forced to wear the uniforms every day, especially when it gets too cold. But once our parents paid for all the stuff, they'll actually do. It looks so out of style! The girls laugh about us when they see us on the playfield in our ancient gym clothes. But what I hate most of all is the necktie!

The teachers get crazy when we look untidy. Keith likes to wear the cap turned back cause it looks odd with his long hair, and when Miss Gothenburg saw him like that, he was in trouble - as usual.

Our school uniformsThe school crest

There's the school crest stitched on every shirt. So that everybody can see we're from "Painwood". But don't make fun of us, we'll stand together!

The following pages introduce some of my schoolmates there.