Sasha Petroff
Age 14
Grade 8
Favorite Stuff Skiing, reading, music (classic, rock, pop, but not rap or hip-hop!), drawing, biking, walking thru forests... Foods? You wouldn't know what some Russian food I like is about. And I hate fastfood.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
When I'll grow up? I wanna have friendship with boys. And I wanna become teacher... Or computer programmer. I want be artist too, but I'm afraid I can't :(
E-mail or
Sasha Petroff

Hey, I moved here recently from Russia. Just my mom (I live with my mom, my parents was divorced long time, and my dad died last year) get interesting work in US. I like to live here, but I miss Russia and my Russian friends (especially one of them, his name is Sasha too). I hope we will return sometimes... Fortunately boys I met in Glenwood are so cool! I already know some of them. And I'm really fascinated with Niklas Edlund... And I like a lot his friends Jonathon and Jason. Both of them are so cute separate, but when I see them together! I'm so sorry, but I think I envy them a bit... And I like my new friend Jeremey:) And sorry for my bad English! I think I'll improve it a bit. Niklas and Jem helps me a lot.
English is hardest subject for me! And I'm familiar with math! If somebody need help - I'll glad help you!

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