Rodney Jenks  
Age 12
Grade 7
Favorite Stuff Best of all I like my computer and reading. I like music of course but I'm not much good at games and stuff. My favourite food's pizzas and cola to drink.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
When I grow up I want to be in a pop group or failing that some other sort of band.
E-mail or
My name is Rodney. I'm really almost 13.
Now who do I really like? Niklas of course, my best friend Jack and my music teacher, hehehe! Really!
I look like my picture which was taken at school.
I'm going to tell you about something that really happened to me. Did I tell you I've got a friend called Jack. I really like him lots and we always meet up after school and in the holidays. We were playing a game under his bed and he said he was stuck fast. I tried to pull him out but he reckoned I was hurting him. He told me to pull him out by his sweater so I got hold of the sleaves and pulled and off come his sweater. He was still stuck so he said. Go round the other side and pull my feet. First off comes his trainers then his socks. Soon be nothing left to pull on I thinks. Get hold of my shorts says Jack, I do and off they come. Only leaves his boxers and them soon come off (hehe)! Jack then crawls out from under the bed naked!!! I could tell he was enjoying this game - if you know what I mean. I was glad I was wearing MY clothes or he'd have seen I was enjoying it too! I was just figuring out what to do next when his Mum spoilt it all by shouting upstairs for us to come to tea. Jack had to get his clothes on double quick. He put his shorts on back to front but no one noticed but we were giggling all through tea.
I've one older brother but he don't live with us now cause he's got a girlfriend.
Oh yes, I DON'T like girls! Think thats all really.
Rodney Jenks

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