Peter Phildon  
Age 12
Grade 7
Favorite Stuff Playing with friends, sleepovers, camping and fishing, mountain biking. Going to the beach and playing in the ocean. Spending time with friends
What I wanna become
when I grow up
I love airplanes and want to be a pilot or be a Marine Biologist and work with dolphins and whales!
E-mail or
I live with my mother, my father left when I was younger... I had a best friend when I was younger but we moved away and I miss him! I am always out late with friends or riding my bike... I hang out at the airport and know some pilots who take me flying! I know how to fly a plane already!! I like to fish at the lake or river and catch fish or just go swimming! I have a small dog too, like Martin does! I like to lift weights and am fairly strong for my age... I am not a bully, instead I like to stand up for my friends if someone is picking on them!! Otherwise, I am sweet and like to hold my friends, sit close to them and talk or maybe hug and kiss! But don't tell that anybody! Especially not Fabian Waitaweill or his little friend Martin, I would die if they knew!
Peter Phildon

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