Erik Mikkelsen
Age 12
Grade 7
Favorite Stuff Most of all I like being with friends, mostly boys because we are so cool. I sometimes like to flirt with girls, but itís not serious with me. I donít want to get tangled up with any women.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
A writer or caregiver.
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Erik MikkelsenI like sports I can do alone or just with one or two others. Iím not too good at most team sports because I always let the team down and I feel so bad about that. So I am not a jock, but Iím friends with most of them. Iím also smart. I enjoy walking around the playground with the smart kids (arm in arm) talking about science and astronomy. I also like history and geography a lot. I like movies and music and sing in the boys choir at my church. I have a really soft heart, especially for those who are hurt. I love to comfort them and help them get better. But sometimes I hurt a lot inside too and am unsure about myself.

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