Barnabas "Barney" Drew  
Age 10
Grade 5
Favorite Stuff I love playing football and wrestling with friends and running about wild in the playground at school.
I love stories like Robin Hood and Dick Turpin, and stories of prisoners escaping from prisons and prisoner of war camps.
What I wanna become
when I grow up
I want to be a fighter pilot when I grow up.
E-mail or
I have straight white hair and blue eyes.
I don't have a best friend, and I look unhappy a lot of the time. I think Niklas and his friends are cool, and follow them around hoping to be noticed and included in their games, but am too shy to talk to them. I like to read a lot and I play on my own a lot of the time. I fell of my bike a few days ago and I have a big bruise on my chin for when the school photograph is taken.
Both my parents are teachers and I have 2 brothers.
I wish Jonathon McCollough or Niklas Edlund would notice me.
Barney Drew

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