Alexander "Ax" Smith
Age 11
Grade 6
Favorite Stuff Hobbies: just doin boy stuf, shooting hoops, talkin on the net, working out
What I wanna become
when I grow up
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Ax SmithWhat i look like: I'm 4'3"tall (but im in a wheel chair so i look shorter heheheheheheh) I have haisel eyes, i have a brounish black hair, shoulder length, freckles over my cheeks and noze, im kinda skinny and have some, if i may say s my self, nice muscles from all the weights i lift.
My name is Alexander, my friends call me Ax, im 11 years old. I am Craig and Joey Smith's bro, their parents adopted me recently, my real parents diched me when i was 2, i dont know if they are alive or not, but i dont care cus i finaly have a family that loves me. i was in a car crash when i was 6 and was paralised from the waist down, but i dont let that stop me, im in tharipy and the doc says i will walk again so im over all quithappy, i love to shoot hoops on the baskit ball qort and i like to read and chat on line. i like to lift weights and ride in my byke. i like boys and have a crush on a few, but am afraid to tell them, not meny kids like hanging with a criple when they can be running around and stuf. well thats just about it.

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