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e-mail and FAQ

You can e-mail me and I'll try to reply. But I must say that more than 50% of the time that I have for working on my website I need to answer Niklas related mail. I love that mail, it's the only thing that I get for my work. But don't expect to get a reply on a reply, and I usually take my time to answer.
German mails are welcome!

A printed book issue of my cartoons is surely a good idea but it proved to be too difficult to distribute it to the whole world. I fairly burried this plan now.

I'm drawing with simple pencils on average paper, some pictures are inked with a fine brush. I scan the line art with a cheap scanner and color the whole stuff using Photoshop 4 (it's still good enough for that, and it's a very good tool for scaling pictures down to screen resolution). There are no secrets or tricks that I can tell, the only reason why my stuff looks good is that I have a talent and a lot of practice.

No, I'll surely not draw a cartoon for you. I'm sorry.

That was the FAQ.
Have fun!