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There's still some trouble about the message board and the chatroom. I can't help. They are just simple goodies and not the essential components of Niklas and Friends. Especially the chat has the same rules as every chat on the net.

A few people entering the chat as newbies complained about other people there. I'm sorry, I can't help. It's a kind of a public place as long as it's just java based chat. I guess there will always be some mismatching between people gathering in a public place like that. However, everybody I know from the chat seems to be nice.

Typical fans of my stuff seem to have two things in common: They like to act as if they were boys even when they're actually almost grandpas, and they'd love to be a character of Niklas and Friends. And since I was tired of getting e-mails reading like "I'm 13, blond, I like your stuff a lot, mom doesn't allow to show my pic, could you draw me?", I made up the schoolmates. If you watched this part of my site, you may have noticed that I stopped working on it. Too much work for just a few people who came and disappeared again.