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Let's talk about sex

First of all, this is my private homepage, it's full of amateur work and nobody gets any money for it. The only reason why it looks like it looks is because I want it. Especially the cartoons that I made on my own are my personal view on some aspects of my own childhood. I'm bisexual and I always liked girls and boys as well, even as a child. As long as I was small I didn't realize it, but around age 11 I began to be confused. My cartoons are about this confusion.

Some visitors of Niklas and Friends don't seem to know how the definition of sex on online pages is. It's frontal nudity, offending poses and certain actions with private parts. You will not find this on my site. Niklas and Friends is rather erotic but it doesn't break any rules. Some say the cartoon style is just to "lure" kids here. Hey, it's to "lure" a lot of readers here so that they can read what I and my friends got so say. And I'm convinced that even a 10-year-old understand my stuff way better than anything erotic on TV. Can't you remember the way you felt about sexual things at that age? I didn't like those typical love scenes in movies. Ever noticed that it's usually about a one night stand or other "spontaneous" sex between adults? I felt uncomfortable as a child while watching those love scenes. That wasn't my kind of sexuality. My first sexual experiences - most of them with girls - were just about lying naked side by side and some stroking and hugging. We just enjoyed our nudity.
So, I'm convinced that my stuff can't even confuse a child. What was confusing me at that age was that my feelings didn't match with what was on TV or in magazines. So, I made these cartoons cause they match with my feelings back then. And I wish I had the chance to read it as a child.

Whenever I had the chance to ask somebody who complained about my site it turned out that he had never any homoerotic feelings or experiences. So, they obviously don't know what it's all about and that it always starts around age 11, not later. They don't even know that old Hite report about 30 years ago when almost 70% of all men admitted to have homoerotic experiences in their lives. My stuff isn't about a minority, definitely.

I've written down a short story that is 100% autobiographical and that tells about my confusion at age 11 and even about my sexuality. Since I don't want to mix it up with the Niklas and Friends characters I named myself Marcus and my best friend Daniel. Every detail is authentic, just the real kissing was with another boy. My English isn't good enough to write such stuff directly in English, so I wrote it in German first and then translated it. Thanks to Dale for improving my English! I've put the German version online, too.
Hope you like it.