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What Niklas and Friends
is about

For everyone who is new to this: Welcome! Niklas and Friends is my non-commercial online cartoon stuff about a couple of boys with hearts full of love. And they aren't ashamed to show this. Or at least they try. This isn't at all easy, I know, and that's why I'm doing this site.
A lot of teenagers mailed me, telling that they feel the same things like my cartoon characters and that they got problems to show their feelings. It's sad that people think love and affection between boys is something tainted. Do you think that love could ever spoil you? Violence can spoil you, abuse does spoil your life and it's a crime. But love?
If you came here to my site I guess you know that a boy doesn't have a real choice between loving girls and showing affection for other boys, even today. None of the public media shows boys developing loving friendships, there are only those boy-meets-girl stories. I don't know any TV-show or any movie comparable to my cartoons. How can a young teen ever get happy if he has to be deeply scared about becoming such a ridiculous fagot like they are shown on TV?

Hey, I even met people who think my cartoons aren't suitable for young teens! They think you are sick when you enjoy such stuff. I leave it up to you to decide if you're "sick" or not.

I like to show real close friendships, that kind of friendship that boys use to have as long as they don't care about girls. Niklas and his friends don't lie, they help each other when they're in need and they never hurt anybody. You have to be upright if you want to get friends, that's my message. A lot of people start missing this kind of close friendship when they grow older, even if they never had such a close friend. My cartoons may help to revive that feeling. The older you get the more you'll miss it.