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The author


I'm the artist behind Niklas and Friends. My pseudonym is "Niklas Edlund" - a big hello to all real Niklas Edlunds out there (I know of at least three)!
The drawing to the left is supposed to show me and Niklas. My look on it is close enough to reality though I guess you wouldn't recognize me if we ever met in real life. I got quite a lot stuff to tell you, so I have split this editorial up to five pages that you can click through with the links above. The page about sex is the newest, something I intended to keep out here, originally.
I'm an illustrator from Germany and I drew all the cartoons and pictures on this site, except some fan pictures and Davy's cartoon. English is not my native language, so please forgive me if there's something sounding odd. Many thanks to Tony, Oreo, Onslow, Dale and Jonathan for helping me with the language. Thanks to Julio, Peter, Zak and Guillaume for translating some cartoons. And special thanks to my Russian penpal Alex for the fine coloring of some episodes and also thanks to Eddy for coloring some aliens.

I don't like links to other websites since I don't know what the owners will post there in the future. This is why there is no link collection on my site.

I'm doing all the work in my spare time and just for fun. When I'm sick or on vacation I can't do anything. And beside that it takes always a couple of weeks for me to draw some more cartoon pages. You have to be patient. This site develops slowly, but constantly.