Niklas Edlund

Okay, that's me. School was over when the picture was taken.
I use to hang around with Jason and Fabian - my best friends. We have made a special agreement... but maybe you know this already. Anyway, we allow each other to hug and to kiss. And we want to tell each other always the truth.
Are you sporty? Do you like to fight with boys? I am not very sporty. Sometimes I go swimming and I play baseball a bit... that's all. You may call me a wimp. Yeah, in fact I am a weakling. If you want to fight with me, you have already won. What's so funny about? I don't want it. I hate it. I'd rather be called a wimp.
If I watch a film or read a book I never like the hero. That guy who is doing dangerous things and who is always brave. Isn't it more courageous to sacrifice something? If Fabi, Jason and me play adventures I never take the part of a hero. I like to sacrifice myself in a game, to play dieing scenes. It is so sweet if someone holds me and I whisper my last words!

Niklas with schoolbag
Everything I hate The rest of my time I spend with astronomy and piano practice. I am fascinated by the univers. Is there really no end? And where was the beginning? I feel so small when I look up to the stars at night.
I have a little sister. Tina is her name.
Why can't I have a brother? A big brother? I know that it is too late for me to get one. And that is not fair!

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