Martin Czirnczinsky

Martin is pretty new in my neighbourhood.
I don't know much about him not even if I've spelled his name right. (? Huh?) But one thing I know for sure: That he's the youngest of us and a mama's boy! A coward that you won't believe! Always crying for his mom. Only if his tiny dog 'Fix' is around he screws up his courage a bit.
His best friend is Keith. Martin likes to play games with disguising - indians and Robin-Hood-stuff, you know? He is the only boy I know who likes to wear pantyhoses. Keith told me that Martin is drawing pretty good. Hm, I have to show him my pictures of spaceships! Maybe he is a fan of science fiction and astronomy like me.
Last not least I think my sister Tina is fallen in love with Martin. She would never say it but I am quite sure. Hehe, poor boy!

Martin and Fix

Let's fence!


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