Keith Dillinger

Why are kids hurt? Keith used to live alone with his mother in a big town until she remarried. His stepfather tried to get along with him but he just doesn't care to understand him. Maybe because Keith never accepted the idea of having a "new" father. Maybe because his stepfather doesn't want a kid like Keith. For one year now he lives with his grandmother in my neighbourhood. She is very old, so Keith is not allowed to play with friends at home. Although Vincent and Jonathon are classmates of his he mostly plays with that new kid in the hood, Martin. Rookies stick together...
Keith spends the weekends at his mother's. Then he has to bear his so-called father. Nearly everytime this ends in trouble and he gets beaten. But there is no other way for him to see his mother.
He is doing something on his computer, I don't know what. Keith spends other times on his bike as if he was stuck on it. Somebody said he was seen playing soccer but I'm not sure.

Keith rubbing his arm

Show me your homework!
Why can't I have a real father?


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