Dear Penpal!

Let me tell you something about me and my friends. The picture on top of this page shows us all. I made one page for each and you can jump to the pages by clicking on their picture.

We all live in a small town near a big city, with a narrow river and a church and stuff. Though our school is named Glenwood School it's not the name of our town. Let's say it's just somewhere, and even when we speak English and it's not your native language, our hood could be just around the corner. If I didn't have my friends it would be a boring place.

Keith lives with his old grandma and Jonathon lives with his aunt. Their parents live in the big city and they have to take the bus to visit them.

Where we live.

If you want to know some more about the Glenwood School For Boys, click here.

The farm of Davy Caulfield's parents is a bit out on the country. It takes more than one hour with the bike if you want to visit Davy, though it doesn't look that far on my map. The woods behind the farm are really mysterious, there may live aliens from out of space... well, you don't have to believe everything that I say.

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