Niklas and Friends - ANYTHING BUT GIRLS!
published March 16, 2005 by MATTEI Medien, Cologne, Germany - ISBN 3937481087

From: What makes you a manThis is the first published full color Niklas and Friends comic book,
52 pages, 12.80 EUR (currently about 15.50 US-$)

The book is meanwhile only available at the publisher. Try it with an e-mail to but I can't tell if they can accept orders from other countries than Germany.

With the cartoons:
Anything But Girls
A New Kid In The Hood
Introducing Jonathon/ When Jonathon Moved In
How To Become A Rockstar
My Favorite Fairy-Tale
The Rollercoaster (never released before)
What Makes You A Man (never released before)

From: The Rollercoaster16 pages of this comicbook have been drawn exclusively for this issue and won't be shown on the internet.

The Rollercoaster is about Jason, Sniv and Jonathon visiting the fairground. While Jon is only looking for the biggest attraction, Jason can't take his eyes from Jonathon...

In What Makes You A Man Niklas wonders if he'd ever become a real man - and he finally tries to get himself a girlfriend! Surprisingly, his little sister isn't the only one who gets jealous.

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